Introduction to HTTP Smoke Testing of web applications with demonstration of a solution for Symfony.


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Anonymous at 14:23 on 27 Sep 2019

The speaker gave his best. But was visibly nervous and mumbled alot, which made understanding him difficult.

The proposed testing idea is cheap and very interesting, until you get to the details. 😀

The library he introduced is good, if you use Symfony. But it was obvious that it would take a ton of configuration. One suggestion would be putting that configuration into the controller as annotation. Or make it possible to split the configuration along url paths.

SL19 at 20:04 on 27 Sep 2019

Interessanter Ansatz, wenn auch mit so einigen schwächen und Risiken.

2/5 here truly means "Had potential"

The topic at hand was really interesting. However the speaker failed to tell a holistic story and rather described feature after feature.