Varnish is one of the world’s leading caching and web acceleration solutions, improving the performance of almost 5
million websites worldwide and more than 20% of the top 10,000 websites.
But Varnish is used for a lot more than just speeding up websites and APIs. Varnish Software’s solution has enabled some of the
biggest video streaming platforms in the world to improve their delivery process.
In this presentation, Thijs will share some advanced tricks that go beyond basic web acceleration: prefetching, geo blocking,rate limiting, edge content transformation, device detection and the configuration of our massive storage engine.
Thijs will also show how these advanced features can be used to speed up the delivery of video streaming content.


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Anonymous at 14:19 on 26 Sep 2019

Very good presentation. The speaker knows how to captivate and work an audience.
The presentation itself was very dense in information and answered typical concerns when using Varnish. The presentation actually delivered on its "beyond basics" promise.

nice slides + great speaker.
examples were presented as announced - but they did not have that much in common with Symfony

This is one of the hardest to rate talks. On the one hand side the speaker was great, not too fast and not so slow and delivered a very interesting and informative presentation on Varnish beyond being a simple cache.
But on the other hand the presentation slightly felt like an advertisement event with a presentation filled with sample configuration files that were interesting but missed to really add a lot of value - some even were confusing and not so obvious and easy to understand, bloating an otherwise very very interesting and awesome use case of Varnish beyond a simple cache.
Non the less one of the best talks of the Symfony Live 2019 in Berlin. So thanks Thijs Feryn for giving a glimpse on what is possible with Varnish and a great talk.