Decoupling with Design Patterns and Symfony2 DIC


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Anonymous at 16:26 on 26 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 20:08 on 26 Sep 2014

Really in-depth look at a hugely decoupled application. Great stuff

Always good to listen to Konstantin. Commendable effort to share his learning around design patterns in putting Behat 3 together (with all its architecture blissfulness) with others

Great talk, Konstantin. After all this talk about that "guy" called decoupling, you really brought up some interesting points about his "sister": cohesion. I particularly liked the idea that the need for extension points in your code is not something that can be solved with one solution (e.g. an event dispatcher), but requires different solutions in different cases. You did a good job at showing how we can prepare for change and at the same time even offer backward compatibility to the clients of our internal APIs.

Good talk, nothing to complain about. Highest PHP/design level for me.

Awesome talk! Maybe adding some class diagrams may help understanding some of the changes.

Excellent example of how design patterns can help to find brilliant solutions to extremely complex design problems. Awesome talk!

Decoupling to next level! Thank you for showing the design patterns and concept used to build Behat 3 to make it so extensible!
Really nice trip into the internals of Behat 3.

Awesome as always. Mind blowing.

Really great talk. Came out of it really inspired.

Anonymous at 13:29 on 5 Oct 2014

Great talk, I hope it was recorded and will be released online at some point because I need a second run through! Thanks Konstantin :)