How Kris Builds Symfony Apps


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Anonymous at 20:54 on 26 Sep 2014

Highlight of the day for me. I realise this is probably terrible feedback but talks like this are the most valuable in my opinion. Enjoyable delivery and tonnes of useful information and techniques. Thanks!

Well delivered with a clear, calm yet not monotonous tone. Kris gave heaps of pointers based on his experience, obviously sprang from real live projects and productive results.

From one point of view 5/5(get things done with good quality). Don't agree with few choices but in general good talk.

Thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Gave me some excellent ideas going forward thanks to the examples given during the session.

Still trying to work out premature bundlization though :-)

+ Very useful and pragmatic talk. Great ideas to put into practice.
- Just to say something, perhaps some touches of humor or personal experiences would improve the tone and pace. Enthusiasm and passion are always welcome.

Really enjoyed the talk.

This talk was the highlight of the conference for me, it was full of practical advice and was delivered in a clear, calm and concise manner. I love talks that get me thinking and keep me thinking and Kris certainly did that. Thanks Kris!