Keynote: Understanding Craftsmanship


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Anonymous at 11:01 on 26 Sep 2014

Inspiring and thought provoking.

Really struct a chord. Good to be reminded that it's difficult to be a craftsman in an environment where craftsmanship it not valued.

Fantastic kickoff to the conference

Heartening and stimulating start. Passion and enthusiasm are always welcome!

I was a craftsman in Italy before being a developer.
And I always had this feeling of still being a craftsman while being a developer.
With this truly inspiring talk Marcello Duarte makes everyone understand how with passion and love, the developers create value and solutions not only for the businesses but also for the people

The presentation were as rich in appearance (audio, video you name it!) as they were in content. Great way to kick off the conference, inspiring and thought provoking.

Very inspiring and lively presentation

Really a good talk, specially the part where you spoke about the passion.
"Driven by passion", this is a good spot to be inspired every day.

Anonymous at 13:16 on 30 Sep 2014

Marcello delivered. Became an instant fan of his - great presentation, charisma and insights. Bravo, sir!

Thanks Marcello, your passion clearly comes across when you talk and today was no different. Well done.