The Dependency Trap


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Anonymous at 11:00 on 26 Sep 2014

Great to link the framework with best practice and to hear of a real use case that I am quite familiar with.
Good to see a level headed approach to when you should care to decouple.
Could have done with more explanation on definitions of coupling and cohesion.
Hard to convince client this time refactoring is worth it when the symfony example code couples doctrine in controller.

The use case shown to explain the concept was very clear to make every one understand how it is simple to get caught in the dependency trap.
It was very useful to hear about how to find a balance during the development process to avoid to many abstractions that could lead to very complex and unreadable design.
It is very important that the concept was exposed in a way to be clear also for developers not very familiar with it

Great talk, excellently delivered. Great to see the clean architecture get a mention and how you would achieve it in a symfony application.

Anonymous at 13:19 on 30 Sep 2014

Very valuable material delivered in a clear and concise fashion.

I enjoyed this talk and found myself nodding all of the way through. Well delivered, sound content, thanks Jakub.