The Naked Bundle


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Anonymous at 13:59 on 27 Sep 2014

Matthias took on an interesting approach in explaining what a bundle really is. He takes on an interesting excercise of taking each and every seemingly crucial part of the bundle and see if he can move it outside of the bundle.

Very interesting and thought-provoking talk!

Thanks Matthias!

Another very interesting talk about how to decouple our code from framework, which ideally should only be an implementation detail.
Matthias is really clear in his explanations of complex concepts

You provided really good stuff and ideas. Some of ideas are quite controversial for me. I think that will be good to see such structure and architecture in some existing project as well.

Anonymous at 17:48 on 29 Sep 2014

Really interesting talk, very well delivered. As a primarily Drupal developer the content is very applicable to a world where we're building modules in multiple Drupal versions, and preparing for a move to Drupal 8. I'm thinking "The Naked Module" could be an excellent topic for a Drupal conference!