BDD Your Way out of Legacy


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Anonymous at 17:07 on 17 Sep 2015

Awesome Workshop!!! Thank you guys!!!

Anonymous at 17:10 on 17 Sep 2015

Great information on how to start introducing BDD.

Also a great initiation on how to work together with your product owner to get out of legacy.

Great workshop based on BDD. The hosts (Marcello & Konstantin) work very well together filling all the gaps. The workshop was split into sections with hands on exercises after each one. We were able to see how someone who uses that in production and when try it ourselves. There was some issues with setting the development environment (even on the host's machine) so for the future think it might be useful to for example have a vagrant environment, and for all attendees sent the link to code a few days before workshop so they could have it working rather than trying to make it work on-site. Had experience about BDD and tools used before going to the workshop and it helped to understand a few things I "was using incorrectly". Definitely happy about attending the workshop.

Anonymous at 21:34 on 17 Sep 2015

Great workshop! Loved the hands-on experience and seeing masters at work. Also, Konstantin and Marcello constantly kept on popping up with nifty little tricks of the art of codebase maintenance and building better relationship with the stakeholders in your project. Recommended!

A great workshop. Was very interesting to look at the planning of changing a legacy system before the actual development actually starts.
The two speakers (Marcello and Konstantin) really know what they are talking about and their knowledge showed when they explained things.
They worked well together and both kept giving great additional information to put their points across. Thanks.

This was a great day. A lot of it would be very useful for our POs too. Would have liked to have had a bit more time to work on the practical excercises, but I guess that would have made it a two day workshop.