Doctrine 2: To Use Or Not To Use


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Secret knowledge from underground:-)

Learned when to avoid using doctrine and what are the alternatives in those cases.

Very pragmatic talk that really clarified when and why Doctrine can be painful and where it will make everything easier

Anonymous at 16:05 on 18 Sep 2015

Some nice tips and tricks for using doctrine the right way.

Fantastic insight and knowledge sharing in this talk. Well presented, a must see for anyone using Doctrine 2

Aligned very well with some of the issues I have experienced, Good to hear some clean solutions to working around the limitations of an ORM.

Very good talk.
It's nice to hear that Doctrine maintainer tells you when not to use Doctrine.

Nice to see the project lead of a tool go through some instances where said tool may not be the right choice (as well as some instances it might be of course).

Very good talk, I've learned a lot!

I loved the honesty of this talk. Knowing the pitfalls and limits of Doctrine and knowing when not to try forcing it to do things that it's not meant to. Great insight into Doctrine.

Some really good tips and honest advice. With everyone pulling you from one side of the fence to the other, it was good to have the fence lowered so you can make your own decisions better and more informed.