Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design


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Very nice talk, reiterating concepts I am already familiar with but in a very accessible and pleasant way.

Covered a lot of different related topics and is always an engaging speaker

Anonymous at 15:20 on 18 Sep 2015

Very good talk. Only important information. Thx

Anonymous at 16:05 on 18 Sep 2015

Matthias delivers another great talk. Good storytelling and thought-provoking, out-of-the-box ideas, great stuff.

Very easy to understand explanation of a popular topic. Matthias is an excellent speaker (and author) and it's a pleasure to watch him give a talk about something which he is so knowledgeable about.

The visual representation of the problem/solution on some very well built slides, coupled with a strong and accessible speaking style made this talk a real highlight of the conference. I feel I now have a much better understanding of how I'm designing my software and have a visual guide I can follow to ensure my code is architected well.

Very good talk.
He has explained very well the hexagonal architecture!

Nice to see a talk delivered with a smile on the speakers face. Slides were really well done, really liked the zoomed in slices of the hexagon. The content was relevant and delivery was on point.

Anonymous at 09:51 on 21 Sep 2015

Great quality of talk, nice presented. I have already known all these concepts, but if someone was not familiar with hexagonal architecture that talk would give him all he needed to start.

I've missed more information about how events in the application layer work. Also, some sample repo on GitHub would be really helpful to better understand the subject. Still, one of the best talks this year!

Application architecture is something I have been interested in for the past 6 months. The talk gave a high level view of what hexagonal architecture is which has made me want to learn even more.