Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution


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Anonymous at 12:33 on 18 Sep 2015

Cool stuff, time to explore puli

An interesting technology which should improve the way that packages and frameworks integrate. Bernhard is a very confident speaker and the talk was very well structured and paced.

Really great insight into workings of Puli! Really promising project!

Great job! It should be standard in Sf (services loading etc)

Very interesting idea, and nice to see someone tackling it. Look forward to seeing more of Puli

I would love to hear feedback why you rated this talk only with a 4.

Great project and delivery.

Something trully new and worth getting you hands on. Since the concepts are new it would help to have examples more varied and highlighting the particular aspect being explained

Great talk to learn about what puli is and how it might change how we work on php projects

Good talk introducing an interesting tool

Anonymous at 16:04 on 18 Sep 2015

The best talk I have attended today. Great delivery about a promising app and probably a revolution in PHP world.

One of the better talks of the day, great to see Bernhard driving the ecosystem forward looks very promising.

Interesting topic.
Some ideas which maybe we will use in the future on a daily basis.

Very well made slides, delivered with excellent clarity and pace.

Very interesting idea and very good talk! Good luck with further development!

Anonymous at 11:13 on 21 Sep 2015

My favourite talk on Symfony Live!
Great delivery, promising application. Well done!

The talk helped a lot to get a much deeper understanding about how Puli works under the hood (it's architecture, workflow, etc.).