Real-time Web Apps & Symfony. What are your options?


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A great explanation of the different types of messaging and most importantly the scenarios in which you would use each one. Showing popular existing applications against the type of messaging they use really helped understand the use cases for each one (except RMI!).

It was also great to see just how easily you can get this setup and running in the live demo.

The talk was clearly explained and presented. The only thing I would suggest is to make your animated slides have a maximum loop on them, some of the gifs became distracting when left running on the screen.

Before the conference this was the one talk where I hadn't heard of the speaker and didn't know a great deal about the content. Was a tough choice between this and the Spotify talk but really glad I made the choice to do this one.

Really interesting topic, well delivered by a top speaker. Good mix of high level concepts behind real time web apps and low level how it works, down to actual live (ish) coding. Talk of the conference for me.

Great talk on a very specific topic but covering it end-to-end, so that it's easy to pick up now even if you never tried anything of the kind.