How I started to love what they call design patterns


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Brilliant talk! Covered design patterns with easy-to-understand examples. One thing though, in decorator pattern example, I wonder if it would not be better practice to separate out event despatcher responsibility rather than separating out find and save logics.

Ephraim Pepe at 10:50 on 16 Sep 2016

Good talk

David Garcia at 11:09 on 16 Sep 2016

Amazing talk about design patterns and how to refactor our current code, getting the best performance and the most clean code, allowing us to keep an excellent maintainability. Thanks for these tips that you shared with us!

An excellent talk about usable design patterns for Symfony. I first thought "hey, only 3 design patterns!?". But Samuel took the time to explain them clearly, to detail how and why they should be used. Thinking of it, I prefered having only 3 well explained design patterns, applicable to our use cases.

Also, good explanations on why you should use it, and what are the benefits from it.

A deadly good simple example, too.

Great talk!