Behat is widely used as part of a Behaviour Driven Development lifecycle, but it's also widely misused. In this talk Ciaran will explain BDD, and show the best practices for using Behat including: writing good scenarios, driving service development from scenarios, and fast UI testing, using Behat and the Symfony2Extension.


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Great speaker as well as clean slides (though a bit hard to read due to the projector setup, no one at fault here). The talk provided some new concepts on how to use and configure behat for domain specific testing.

I finally realised what is the power of BDD and Behat. The examples of applying business rules and the discussion around is really important for learning about the business.
This overreach to very high level makes BDD much different from normal TDD with PhpUnit etc.

claire smith at 09:40 on 27 Sep 2017

Great talk and I learnt a lot about the benefits of BDD. Would be awesome to see the slides again.