You may have heard people saying that ”Frameworks are bad” or ”Symfony is slow”. It is time to investigate why those people are saying that. We want to see if they are really smart or just stuck in the past. This talk will go over performance to see what you can do to make an application run faster. (There are no quick fixes) We will also see how we can build applications that responds in less that 15ms and then work towards even faster than that.


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Great talk, with lots of useful tips, well explained and with the right enthusiasm.

One of my favourite talks today, "write less code" is brilliant :)
You proved your experience and eloquence Tobias not giving up when things went wrong with the projector :) Well done mate!

Jurn Overmars at 09:44 on 1 Oct 2018

The talk was amazing, the enthusiasm is incredible. Keep up the good work

It is always a pleasure to see you on stage, great vibes, and great subject. Even if some would argue on your conclusion ;)