Recently, the European Union has embraced new legislation in order to improve accessibility in ICT products (Information Communications Technology) for users with disabilities. This requires web programmers within the public sector and its suppliers to know how to develop accessible web applications. A 40-minute speech about this area will not turn listeners into accessibility experts but hopefully work as an eye-opener. My goal is to spread some light on the accessibility area, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and inspire some of you to look into it some more.


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Non-tech talks can also be attractive to tech people! Everything until getting to code-related part was great to hear. Perhaps you missed things related to how accessibility affects organization, did not give implementation case studies (ie. start-from-scratch and "redesign" paths). It would also be nice to hear how accessibility implementation could affect your business (beside knowing that on average, 15% of people worldwide have some kind of disability) and your relationship with customers.

For these kind of talks, infographics are best way to emphasize information, use them more :-) !

Patrick Vale at 10:43 on 1 Oct 2018

This was a really good talk covering the basis of where accessibility is at today and providing the background and references you need to make your web application (or mobile app) accessible to people of all abilities. It demonstrated effectively how the experience is for someone using a screen reader (this was really helpful). It gave me the impetus to remember how simple it is to design accessibly, and what an improvement this is for all users.

Loran at 10:54 on 1 Oct 2018

This for me was the best talk of the night, as it is something not many people discuss. It is also an area we as developers have to take ownership of and push to be improved. I wouldn't worry about the technical aspect, it was more than well explained and as a developer, I got the picture. Thank you, Sandra! Keep it up, because this topic matters, and because I think you're doing a great job explaining it!

I've also just spoken to our lead developer today, and we will be taking even more steps towards making our website more accessible.