Established in the 70's by the "Gang of Four", Design Patterns are general reusable abstract solutions to solve often recurring problems in software design. Object oriented frameworks leverage them to design robust, extensible and testable code, letting developers build their applications on top of solid foundations. In this workshop, you'll (re)discover tens of the original design patterns, why and how they're implemented in Symfony.


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niseDen at 10:28 on 5 May 2018

It was a great workshop with a lot of input. Hugo had a good example to each pattern he showed us, so it was a lot easier to understand. He sometimes was a little bit too fast explaining some slides, but all in all I learned a lot from him. Thank you again!

Sebastian Blum at 13:27 on 6 May 2018

was good, but one day it no enough time for all the patterns

Great workshop. Brilliant slides with examples, but sadly not all patterns were covered. Especially the "live" example on the symfony code were great.

Markus Lehmann at 15:08 on 7 May 2018

- great workshop
- examples easy and simple but good
- To less time -> should be a 3-4 day workshop