Creating Mobile Applications with Symfony2


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Nice talk, the beginning with jQuery Mobile was too much technical and not really deep connected with Symfony while the second part was way more interesting but much more a bunch of links rather than a deep talk.

pretty interesting

Great talk!! Solid content!

Good background. Good Overview of whats available, where to go, what's involved.

A bit too much on specific tools instead of what are the challenges with doing mobile application and how these apply to a Symfony application. At least that was what I had hoped for.

Very interesting - have great notes to follow up on.

Nice talk on creating mobile apps using Symfony. Thanks for the session.

In general a nice talk, good pace and down-to-earth. The SMS/text service slides was a bit off i think. I would have liked to hear more on the Bootstrap media query problems, since many use this as their mobile version.

Good overview, would like broader examples of various JavaScript mobile libraries.

Thanks for the session. Great overview of where and how to start thinking about going mobile with your apps.

Great talk, I like the sample app thanks

Anonymous at 13:53 on 22 May 2013

Very straight forward explanations, easy to follow and clear examples. Great talk!

Good talk. Would have liked to hear a little more about the pro/cons of Frontend (progressive enhancement) vs Backend (user agent sniffing) detection.