Have fun... coding with Fabien (episode 1)


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Very interesting talk. I learned new tricky things with streams :)

Very interesting talk! I discovered things about the PHP language itself. Looking forward the code being published online.

Great talk. I just wish the code was online already (or even before hand) so we could follow along in more detail. Also is the HaltFS code a part of this or from somewhere else?

Really great talk by @fabpot. Learned a plethora about streams and Fabien was very thorough in providing insight and was excellent breaking down the configuration aspects of symfony that can be easily taken for granted.

Accidental double post. Sorry!

great talk. cool idea

Always fun to see how Fabien pushes PHP and Symfony to the limit! Can't wait to see what other crazy people do with these ideas.

Great talk! I learned valuable new tricks on both Symfony and PHP.

This was a lot of fun. The part I was really excited to see was how composer.json would be able to be embedded into the single file. D'oh! The stream stuff was pretty great, I hadn't really looked too much into that before. Might have to change that!

Great talk and an awesome opportunity to have an insight into how you get stuff done!

something to remember is the stream stuff yeah agree with Beau