The HttpKernelInterface is a lie


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Anonymous at 13:14 on 23 May 2013

Anonymous at 13:15 on 23 May 2013

Hilarious! I thought he was going to giggle a lot which made it fun to watch and listen. Great speaker!

Really good. Loved the historical background / context. Great job.

Good talk! Interesting approach. Stack looks promising!

An awesome discussion of design patterns and their real essence. The presentation style was awesome as well!

This talk was great. I still think the title is a bit misleading/not sure what it means, but it was a great walk thru of some of the other languages and how they handle HTTP. I also liked a refresher/reminder about xinetd and sockets and pipes. Pretty cool stuff. :)

Of course I'm a bit biased, but I was excited about the Stack stuff at the end. I'm not sure it was talked about enough or described just how it can be used or why?

Great presentation style and I think you did a great job walking people all the way from pipes (and why they are important) all the way to how that applies to CGI, FastCGI, sapi, and HttpKernelInterface.

This was a great talk. Very engaging and well-prepared. The content flowed nicely and the overall presentation style was enjoyable. I like how you let your sense of humor shine through and how you are able to provide visual aids that make complex things seem simple.

I think this talk made me smarter. Can't help but love that.