Microservices: Panacea or Pandora's Box?


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Great overview of what microservices are and some of the potential pitfalls you'll encounter when trying to implement them. Loved the analogy at the end!

Very entertaining, informative, and unbiased talk!

Anonymous at 16:39 on 30 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 16:39 on 30 Oct 2015

Great presentation. Professional, informative and well spoken. I'd love the fact that you've remained completely unbiased and left the choice to your audience whether they should use micro-services or not. Many thanks.

Very good of the process and decisions necessary to move to micro-services. A long talk with a lot of information that did not feel like a long talk with a lot of information. That in itself is an art form.

Anonymous at 11:33 on 1 Nov 2015