A walk-through of using Sonata Admin with Symfony for an Admin Console/ Backend. What it is and how to use it, helpful tips and gotchas that are tough to find in the documentation, and then some of the more advanced customization that can be done with it and how to do it. I work at a digital agency that specializes in Symfony, and we use Sonata Admin on almost all of our Symfony projects - especially with decoupled applications. We have found it to be a powerful and efficient tool for ourselves, and I'm looking forward to being able to share what I have learned so that it can become one of your favorite tools as well. The one complaint I always hear about using Sonata Admin is the lack of documentation - so my hope with this talk is to bridge that gap and encourage people to pick it up, and perhaps help improve the docs along the way!


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Thank you for great presentation. I've noticed that in your demo you are using symfony 3.2.6, is Sonata Admin compatible with 3.3.* or 3.4.* versions?
Thank you!