A popular choice with some of our clients is to use WordPress, however as a Symfony developer, working with WordPress feels like going backward time. Over the last year or so, we've been experimenting incorporating Composer, MVC design patterns, and Symfony component libraries with WordPress. This hybrid approach has been very successful for us, and we want to share some of the things that we have learned with the Symfony community. In this talk I will cover: - Configuring Composer to manage WordPress - Building pages using MVC in WordPress - Helpful WordPress plugins to make your integration easier - Rendering WordPress templates using Twig - Incorporating Symfony Components - Autoloading, DI Container, Exception Handling, Logging in WordPress - Extending HttpCache to provide a caching layer to our WordPress sites. Have the best of both worlds - our clients get the CMS that they want, and our developers use proven technology solutions built by the Symfony community.


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John Doe at 15:42 on 7 Nov 2017

Hello! Would you mind posting presentation online? Thanks.

Kevin Simpson (Speaker) at 10:30 on 8 Nov 2017

@John here's a link...