Microframeworks in PHP: Silex


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Very well given workshop about the most important things you should know to get started with Silex! Although I already played a lot with Silex, I learned some extra new tips & tricks.

For practicing all the theory we had the opportunity to create a nice little app which was really funny to do.

If I have to say something negative, then it would only be about the poor wifi :p

Thx Stefan !

And also thx for the great and tasty lunch after the talk :)

At an introduction workshop, I think the challenge is to give people a good offset and challenge them to not only work with this new technique, but also to stimulate future usage.
For me, Stefan managed to do all of that. He treated the core features which gave an offset to get started with Silex in a very short time. This is what I'm looking for at an introduction workshop!