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This talk was the main reason I went to the techademy workshop because I will soon have to think about creating an api.

And I'm glad to have done that workshop because I never imagined all the complexities of making a correct REST api.

But thanks to Joshua's very good introduction and especially the exercise we were made to do I now know much more about REST than I thought I knew.

Thx Joshua!

As Joshua already mentioned in his talk: there are a lot of APIs claiming to be RESTful, but in fact they aren't (fully) RESTful. It takes a lot of care to create a true REST API.
Although I already touched the subject, this workshop made some common pitfalls (painfully) clear when we started to do an implementation. It's hard, but thanks to this workshop I got a better picture what it takes to design and implement a REST API and what the idea behind the principle is.
I got absolutely nothing negative to say about the workshop: we had an overview, which was clear to me, and a hands-on experience in which we (of course) made mistakes, solved those and learned.