Advanced Puppet for PHP developers


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The earlier Techademy on Puppet and Vagrant was a perfect starter for this talk. Not only learned about Puppet 3.0 and Vagrant 2, but about some new things next to that.

Some notes on the session:
The background sound (twitter, skype) was a little distracting. Having people on a chat can be distracting as well. However, this also is kind of required for having interaction / feedback. I do think that the talk planning could be a bit better. When talking in a room with people, you can have visual feedback. In a chatbox the feedback is delayed, so the talk should take this way of communicating into account.

When choosing the host: did you also take into account if recording the webinar would be possible? That way you could offer the videos for download later on as well.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback. As said during the webinar: you guys were the guinea pigs to see how (or even, if) webinars through this software would work. We really appreciate this input because we can make a decent decision if we will continue with either the webinars - or with the current host. Unfortunately, we have experienced some issues, some of them we can resolve quite easily, some of them, we cannot. Hopefully we can all take this with into a next webinar and improve it.

It's obvious that the sound was a bit buggy for everyone.

The session was interesting. I learned nice tricks. I also like the concept with the tmux shared session.

Overall great session on Puppet and Vagrant. I was more interested in the Puppet stuff but learned a few really nice tricks about Vagrant.

I would love to have a followup session with more advanced or handson Puppet stuff for PHP.

The twitter alerts was a bit annoying. The chat was nice in order to have some interaction with the audience.

Session was very interesting, picked up some great tricks along the way.