Anti-spam and anti-gaming


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I like all the cool non-traditional techniques for blocking spam and gaming techniques. Eli's got a lot of really creative ideas that go way beyond the typical methods.

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lots of interesting non-obvious ideas. fun, upbeat, and engaging. Go Eli!

Very interesting talk. Lots of content based on real world experiences and exposed in a very nice and easy to understand way, a cool overview of all methods and not the fictional silver bullet kind of talks, making it very relevant to make you think what fits your app best. Very well presented!

Excellent overview of the techniques and tricks to have in your toolset.

Very entertaining and useful talk. I'm going to implement the CSS hidden field when I get back! Of course I'll use the other methods to block the paid 5yo Malaysian boys ;)

Great talk with lots of different approaches to the various problems discussed with their pros and cons. Invoked good discussion. I could probably attend it again and still glean something new. Excellent job Eli!

The best ideas brought up were dead simple things that brought on pure "duh" moments. Can't wait to implement some of the ideas.

Some really awesome techniques on preventing spam, and like many others have said...plenty of "duh" moments where something so simple is the easiest/best solution. The speaker was very fluid and smooth in his talk.

Liking a lot of pro-tips given by Eli, and he has done it in a great way ! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Great speaking style and I'll be implementing several of those techniques soon.

In thinking about all the talks during the TEK-X conference, this talk (arguably) came closest to what the ideal talk should be like: it covered basic concepts and theory -- and then followed up with an understandable discussion of how that theory should be implemented. Eli was very engaging and kept me interested during the entire hour.

Great talk with real world examples to backup best-practice theory.

Wow, I'm taken aback by all the amazing feedback! Thanks everyone!