Apache Cookbook


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I typically expect to learn 1-2 things per session. This talk had so many good recipes and topics that I lost count of all the cool things I wrote down to later implement.

A LOT of information covered in such a short amount of time. Tons of great ideas for fixing issues, and doing it right. I loved how one of his examples had showed that the better way to do it was to use PHP, with minor bits of Apache magic, rather than using some big complicated mod_rewrite.

Great talk, tons of information, almost to the point of information overload. Awesome slides accompany the talk, however, making things a lot easier to follow. Thanks for posting the slides beforehand. Great job!

Lots of material that will be useful with Apache. The "recipe" style worked quite well as each was relatively easy to digest.

Great talk. Lots of useful info. Will definitely be looking over the slides. Would prefer if the slides were also available in non Mac only format for download (I believe keynote can include PDF version?).

Good talk, lots of good "recipes" Thank goodness we can download the slides, I cant write that fast. Also, I like the sense of humor.

Useful things I learned: SNI, mod_status (wish it were more intuitive), mod_security (Win!), and mod_rate_limit (shared webhost win).

I was expecting something more narrative, but this smörgåsbord of topics left me with a lot to explore.

awesome overview with just enough to highlight each feature