Code & Release Management


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Good talk, solid fundamentals. You mentioned Mozilla, but might be nice to tie in to PHP and/or other large PHP projects to tie into which VCS and strategy they employ

Lots of good ideas to think about. I especially liked how you analyzed each of the different branching strategies with their pros and cons.

Good job. It was nice to hear about the different SVN strategies and to know I haven't screwed up my projects too bad...yet :)

It was encouraging to see some validation that some of my release practices are the "right" ones and the information on repository management was super helpful in giving me the info I needed to make the right decision for how to structure the repo.

Great talk! Appreciated the overview of the different type of release strategies and the pros and cons of how they will impact your time and team. Now have a clearer understanding of it all, and realize that I had correctly stumbled into one on my own :-)

Awesome overview. It's great to hear what other folks are doing. We've been mostly using feature branching at work. I'm thinking of introducing release branching and doing the mix & match thing. Thanks!

Great session by Eli, and it looks like I've been doing a good job. I really liked the way Eli actually showed the pro's and con's of each approach, giving us enough food for thought.

Thanks Eli

It's always nice to find out that my current practices don't completely suck, but to have a few thorny questions answered as well. Great presentation style.

Enjoyed hearing about the different release strategies. We use a mismatch of it seems like all of them. I think we would definitely benefit from having just one and sticking to it.

Lots of great info. Helped me figure out better strategies for managing our repositories.

I walked away with a good understanding of what to do next. The only thing I would have liked more was concrete example from a..z.

Maybe that was outside the scope for this session, but I really want a grasp of here's exactly what you do to put code into production.

The only complaint I have about this talk is the timing. It was an amazing beginners guide to setting up a new version control system and build a code and release management plan, but it followed two much more comprehensive and in-depth talks. Timing-wise, this would have been a much better talk if it were placed before Lorna's and Travis's talks which would have provided a much more natural progression for someone as new to version control as I am.

As for the specifics of the talk, this is exactly what I've been needing in regards to planning code management. Other talks have either too briefly touched on these subjects, or completely skipped them, in favor of more in-depth discussion of other source control features. It was nice to have a talk strictly on version control and code release to help someone go from absolute zero.

The one thing I think the talk was missing, was real world examples moving into a source control system. Eli did an excellent job covering the uses, benefits and downfalls of different trunk/branching techniques, which helped a lot, but if you already have a huge pile of source code and need to transition to one of those it is much harder to choose than when starting from scratch with a new and empty code base.

Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I'll see if I can work in some A-Z type discussion if I give this again in the future. Oh, and I agree that the timing was perhaps a bit off in the schedule. But that was out of my control obviously :)