Continuous Inspection and Integration of PHP Projects


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Excellent overview of Continuous Integration, tools to use for implementing CI, and a nice review of Hudson. Good stuff. Thanks.

Good overview of the topic for php. I'm still not sure how to implement it or how to understand the metrics, but it's a start.

This is one of those subjects that I have really, truly wanted to address over the last year or two. I went into the presentation with a lot of hopes ... and I left satisfied. This presentation covered both high-level management ideas and tips on technical implementation. This presentation didn't shy way from the details that I was hoping to get, and I'm looking forward to pick up from where Sebastian left off.

Really interested in starting to use some of the tools mentioned. They seem like a quick addition to an existing workflow that will add a great deal of quality to my coding.

I'm really glad that I attended this talk. Thanks for keeping up on this ever changing and evolving subject and passing this on to the rest of us. I had no idea there were so many new tools available.

Great talk. Excited to give Hudson a try.