Converting Your MySQL App to NoSQL with MongoDB?


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First part of the session done. Starting to wrap my head around NoSQL.

Excellent talk (though not 100% over), love the interactive format of the tutorial. We need more of Kristina at future conferences.

Great talk. I really like the modularity of your presentation. I appreciated the thorough introduction for us RDBMS folks. I can see a lot of ways that this could be used, but I doubt I can make it happen in our heavily SQLServer based environment.

Awesome talk. The only thing I didn't like was that I didn't hear it before today. You've inspired me to seriously consider MongoDB.

Great presentation. Loved the humor and the format. Will definitely have to begin using MongoDB - I have been inspired!

Thanks Kristina, the talk was an awesome intro and very informative. I will be looking at MongoDB more for future works or addon to current apps.
Was a little fast, but there was a bunch of content to cover. Nicely done, and entertaining.

Kristina did a very good job of introducing MongoDB and the talk gave a very clear overview.

Very good talk. Loved the creativity and dynamic of the "short burst talks", really makes the presentation be custom tailored to the audience. Covered various aspects of Mongo and without bad-mouthing other solutions.

Loved it ! I was convinced after 30 minutes.

Great format; nicely practical without losing context.

Excellent presentation on MongoDB and all of its advantages and features. Nice dynamic to the talk with allowing the audience to "vote" on 12 different mini-talks. We got through 10 of them.

Only criticism is that Kristina said "um" quite a bit :). Don't be nervous, you know this stuff better than almost anyone else!

loved the talk, enjoyed the interactivity and got me inspired to check out mongodb.

Thanks Kristina

Good showing. Slowing the pace a bit would have been beneficial. I agree that Kristina did have a tendency to say "um" a lot. Relax, take deep breaths, don't be afraid to speak slowly or have a little dead air between points.

I think comparing MongoDB to MySQL or relational databases in general is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. I'd suggest simply showing off MongoDB for what it is and how it operates as I'm skeptical as to how helpful it is to compare it to something the audience is likely already familiar with in this particular case.

Great talk Kristina. You clearly demonstrated a deep knowledge of the subject. Loved your modular format and engaging the audience. You appeared a bit nervous, that will go away with practice. I hope to see you at many more events!