Data Visualization: Turning Numbers into Stories


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Thanks for the informative session.

Thanks for a good talk. Data visualization is a really important topic. Changing data into information relevant to decision making is an skill and an art. Edward Tufte ( has a lot to say on the subject and is very relevant to anyone interested in the topic.

Informative and great overview of the data visualization tools available. Very knowledgeable and a good speaker. Thanks for the talk.

I finished Tufte's book a few months ago, so the opening was a good way to take things a step further. More importantly, I appreciated the vendor neutral overview of a variety of toolkits. I've worked with one of them but the rest were new to me.

The information presented was good. It was obviously biased towards flash, but that is understandable based on Ryan's employment. I noticed that highcharts wasn't mentioned and I assume that is because there wasn't a flash alternative.

Instead of so much back and forth in the various libraries, I would have preferred a more in depth look at real world examples, more data, how to drill down. "How to tell the story", instead of showing the tools to make it happen.

And as smaller piece of the talk, state here are some different libraries that you can look into later.