Flex + Flickr = Fleckr?


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I was interested in learning some Flex, but didn't really have a good place to start and the tutorials were all [OLD]. But this was super helpful, and you gave out Truffles!

Very interesting; too bad we ran out of time.

I've dabbled just a bit in Flex (just enough to have some of the basics), and it looks like I'm going to be returning to Flex this summer into fall.

A good overview of "What is Flex (and how to use it)?" (great for the unitiated and a good refresher for me). Then, Keith began actually began stepping us though the coding process, which gave a good fell for the language. This is pretty close to what I'm looking for in a technical talk. I'm wondering if a (brief and transitional) "basics of Flex syntax" (right before jumping into the sample code) might be a future area of improvement?

Keith did a great job engaging the audience, which is is a big accomplishment given the 2-hour length and highly technical subject matter (& coding) that was presented.