Introduction to Testing with Selenium


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Good overview. I wasn't aware of the Selenium PHPUnit extension. I'll definitely make some use of that.

Good coverage of how to use interesting software.

I missed this one. Will there be slides posted?

This was a good mix of theory and practical advice. I suspect that I will walk away doing somethign with Selenium in the weeks (or months) to come. The speaker did a good job of asking questions and engaging the audience.

Unfortunately, a few spelling errors (and, yes, German text, too) in addition to a technical glitch took a bit away from the presentation. However, I suspect that the posted presentation will have the spelling and German issues resolved, and, to be fair, these issues didn't distract too much from the great material.

This is one tool I've been struggling to get my head wrapped around. Thanks for the explanation and examples. I now feel like I can finally start integrating this into our test suite.