JavaScript for PHP Developers


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Glad I chose this talk, as this really explained some things that were mysterious/unknown to me in Javascript, and areas where I had false confidence in my knowledge.

Great info! I'd like to see a much more advanced talk too. But maybe a PHP conference isn't necessarily the right forum for that kind of a thing...or maybe it is, I have no idea.

Bogged down a little in the second half with the code examples, I think, but overall, a very good explanation of JavaScript from a PHP perspective.

Ed brought a great amount of knowledge and first hand experience to this talk. Before this talk I could barely fathom using Javascript for building classes and inheritance and the like. He took JS beyond the browser and really did a good job of showing how powerful the language really is.

I think the best part of his talk was where he brought actual examples straight out of his SpazCore code base. Rather than simply manipulating the DOM in ways you would expect, he was able to use real world examples in a very understandable way.

My only complaint is mostly that Ed ran out of time and did not seem to cover everything he intended. I was hoping there would be more in the talk to tie PHP to Javascript, and for using both PHP and Javascript side-by-side to compliment one another.

Excellent introduction to JavaScript. I agree that showing a bit more interaction with a simple server-side app would have been beneficial. I also would have been interested in hearing more about server-side JS and JS unit testing options.

Excellent as to be expected. Did a great job of covering the basics but then showing practical examples from his own experiences with Spaz.

Spaz sucks! (Just like Primus)

Awesome presentation, as always from Ed. Great information and IMO did a great job walking the non-JS coders in the room through TRULY understanding how JS works, and how it's object model is very different (Prototype based) than PHP's (Class based)

Ed blew my mind.

Great tutorial, examples bogged down.