Large Scale Systems


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This was a great talk. Even though I work on small scale systems, it gave me things to think about and I at least know what the options should be when things go high scale. GREAT intro.

I think I can use your slides as a report to give to my boss on why we have to stop cramming everything onto one box. ;)

Awesome talk, did not know much about Varnish until now but it looks like it has joined memcached as an essential tool for any PHP app you want to have good performance for concurrent users.

David really knew his stuff. Lots of great information.

Very good talk. Was introduced to Varnish (I was using Squid) and may switch over at some point. Was very interested to see that David advocated apache over nginx. Looking forward to discussing that with him further in the future.

Great overview and very nice rule-of-thumb formula for resource estimation.

Great concepts, even though none really fit my current needs. Good to know for the future though.