Models for Hierarchical Data with SQL and PHP


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Complex and very enlightening.

Great talk. Very, very informative. The book looks like a must have.

Super helpful information explained very clearly.

I went into the talk not knowing exactly what to expect. Somewhere during this talk, I realized, "Hey, this guy is addressing some of those really nasty SQL problems I was working on a couple of months ago, and that's probably a way better solution!" I'm really looking forward to re-reading the slides and putting them to good use.

A good presentation covering some really tough (and let's face it, *DRY*) technical content, but the high value and importance in this discussion kept me interested.

Bill's talk could have easily been dubbed, "Breadcrumbs Demystified"... but in reality, it was so much more. Bill has a gift in explaining things in a simple, down-to-earth way. A true leader in SQL... I highly recommend folks to catch him in action at a conference near (or not so near) you.

There's nothing like being presented a seemingly mind boggling tree and being shown almost simplistic and easily understood solutions to handling them in a relational database. I feel a little bit more time could have been spent breaking down some of the more ridiculous queries before visualizing what the query was actually doing, but that didn't affect the ability to understand what was going on.

I would love to see a longer tutorial version of this talk covering even more types of data structures rather than just trees.

Great presentation, excellent slides.