New SPL Features in PHP 5.3


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Loved it. Great info with lots of deep technical background.

nice comparisons between built-in data types and new data types, with good visualizations of those comparisons

Great overview. It's really nice to see these data structures finally arriving in php. Having implemented a number of these myself, I would much rather they be implemented natively.

Really looking forward to using some of the new SPL features in PHP 5.3. This presentation was a great overview of these data structures for someone without a computer science background.

Great job. Nice to see real structure making it's way to php.

Definitely knew his stuff! Great explanations of several of the SPL features, with speed comparison charts which was great for illustrating they should be utilized. Would have liked to have seen some practical applications of problems they solve, when you use them, etc, but excellent presentation nonetheless!

Excellent info and analysis!

Found it very useful and once our 5.3 conversion is done will put it to use. Loved the visuals

LIES! I mean benchmarks. Great stuff, thanks for the comparisons.

Did a very good job with how to use it and benchmarks
I would suggest some when and how examples at the end of the talk. Use cases and real world examples always help.

The best SPL talk I've attended (even surpassing mine) ! Great to see Matthew not only was able to translate common CS terms into plain English (for those without a CS degree), but also providing benchmarks to actually prove where and when SPL is the better choice.

A must see session ! Conference ppl, you need to have Matthew on stage !

Great talk. For anyone not using SPL you're missing out. I have to second what DragonBe said....Matthew was able to translate common CS terms to plain English. Even his photos painted a relatable picture.