PHP Best Practices


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Nice work. Unbelievable amount of resources and ideas. I also have a bunch of work to do.

This was a great talk. The good news is that there wasn't anything overly shocking as I've given very similar talks in the .NET and Ruby space. I just don't know all of the tools and techniques in the PHP world but I'm learning fast. :)

I really liked the pacing and the content. Well done...

I'll echo others comments here: Great job. I will admit that I wanted to stop and ask tons of questions initially. However, I quickly came to grips with the fact that this talk was a good overview of all the things I should be doing and a jumping off point for my own research. Thanks.

Congratulations to Lorna and Matthew for again an awesome session. Since I put these techniques into practice day-by-day, I already have tasted the true value of what they were saying and could only agree on each and every level.

Great job both !

This talk was absolutely amazing. The structure and points made are not specific to PHP. Everything they discussed are important to the overall process that "should" be implemented in your SDLC. I like how everything tied in together with the talk of Continuous Integration.

Matthew did a great job. He obviously knows his stuff. Lorna did great as well. I liked the playful banter as they switched places. Looking forward to reading tons more on