Replication with MySQL


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Good compromise between overview and in-depth presentation. Definitely picked up some useful information for utilizing a replication setup.

I already use replication and am familiar with the basics, so I was hoping for a little more. However, Ligaya did a great job with the information. She obviously knows the topic very well and I loved when someone said they wanted the technical details, she was able to give them, even if it was too much for the topic at hand.

The only thing I wish all the speakers would have done would be to put a "level" of person that should attend.
i.e. This session is for people that have [no|little|some|expert] experience with ...

Hey johncongdon - the talk was actually marked as a beginner talk in my write up. I am sorry if you were misled with the write up.

I enjoyed the talk and appreciated the beginner level, since I'm new to it. We're in the middle of planning a rollout of replication so this was perfect for me. Be warned, I will likely take you up on your offer to send questions via email! Thanks again.