The Art of Message Queues


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An excellent, dense talk on the various system for doing message queues from PHP.

Tons of examples and useable code.

Very well done, thank you.

Great examples sorry we were a quiet crowd.

I'm suddenly immensely interested in implementing message queuing. Good job creating disciples!

The talk was a bit fast paced, but my only real problem is that most of the crowd was unable to see the code very well, so it was a bit hard to keep up at times. Hard to pack that much useful info into an hour, though.

Great content, and good organization. The code was a little hard to see, and being in the midafternoon lull might have been counteracted by some of the presentational tricks Eli (among many others) uses.

This was certainly an area where I have no experience. I think that the processes shown can be directly implemented in some of our current projects.