Drupal 8 uses Composer to manage dependencies. In this training we'll look at how to keep dependencies, like Drupal core and contrib modules, out of GitHub and automate the build portion of your workflow with Continuous Integration. This will allow for cleaner pull requests, reliable site builds and integration with other tools, like Slack.

Attend this training for $25: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/texas-camp-registration-32168735554

Training is 09:00AM-04:00PM on Friday, June 2.


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Julie Hall at 14:20 on 2 Jun 2017

Very good. I really liked the slides of step by step. Great presentation, instructors very helpful. You knocked it out of the park for me! Thanks so much!

Tessa Kriesel at 14:37 on 2 Jun 2017

Awesome, step-by-step training that walked through the process along the whole way, including code snippets for us to apply. Great staff!

Awesome! I had zero hands-on experience with continuous integration. I'd just learned and talked about it at length for the past year because I knew we needed it. I really appreciated how un-opinionated the trainers were about specific tools and platforms, instead focusing on the widely-applicable strategies and concepts. The slides were excellent, and alternating between presentation and hacking helped ensure concepts were understood.

REALLY good mentorship and session detail documentation. Also kept a brisk pace while having enough experts tohelp those with questions.