Your Drupal site really loves to be updated! Be it core, contributed modules, base themes, distributions, or libraries there is a LOT of code that you need to update for every site. Even with tools like Drush, updating your site is hard work. You need to apply updates, test updates, and deploy updates - for every single site for which you are responsible, every single time an update comes out.

This session will talk about how to use a Continuous Integration and Visual Regression solution to make the robots do the update work so you don't have to.


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Tessa Kriesel at 10:01 on 4 Jun 2017

Great content and workflow processes for utilizing Visual Regression to keep Drupal up-to-date automatically.

Paul Grotevant at 13:34 on 4 Jun 2017

Tightly focused and thought-provoking topic and presentation.