Maybe you get nervous when you think about speaking to a group of people. The thought of standing at the front of the room, being silently judged by your peers and people that know more than you might just be enough to convince you not to take the plunge. But you have a lot of great experience to share and a subject you are passionate about!

It might not sound easy, especially at first, but public speaking can be incredibly fulfilling. Learn how to prepare for a presentation of any type and walk away looking like a champ.

In this session I will:
- Introduce 5 proven techniques to calm your nerves when speaking to groups.
- Discuss ways to boost your confidence and communicate your points clearly.
- Highlight the Dos and Don'ts of using slides in your presentations.
- Convince you that speaking at your next meetup or camp is the best thing you can do.

Want some resources to keep learning? Check out Nancy Duarte's best-selling books:


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