The Drupal 8 Certification Crash Course is a one-day training and review of the Acquia Certified Developer – D8 exam study guide. The goal of the course is to prepare trainees to pass the Acquia Certified Developer – D8 exam.

Attend this training for $25:

Training is 09:00AM-04:00PM on Friday, June 2.


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Nick Landis at 13:40 on 4 Jun 2017

awesome! lots of great info!

Dave and David provided a great overview, encouragement, and some excellent starting points for starting down the path of certification. Their documentation is accessible and gives you a good idea of areas which are needed to be looked at for further study. I especially appreciated the first part of the document talking about HTML5 and CSS which would likely have been totally skimmed over (by someone like me).

Looking forward to taking the test very soon!