The focus of this session is to get a site going quickly without any advanced programming while utilizing best practices along the way! We’ll be discussing ways to build a D8 site that will be maintainable by non-technical users and easily themable. We’ll be covering easily configurable modules (no Panels/Panelizer module) that provide layout flexibility.

-This session is geared toward someone who is new to Drupal 8, has installed Drupal and some contrib modules, yet wonders “what’s the best way to build and theme a site?”
- The only coding experience needed with this approach will be SASS/CSS.

Topics Covered:
• Site building tips that make theming simple.
• Building Drupal sites for non-technical users.
• Simple layouts that are easily maintainable.
• Recommended modules.
• When to use/not use Twig templates.
• SASS/CSS best practices for D8 themes.
• Examples/Demo
• Q&A


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Tessa Kriesel at 11:33 on 3 Jun 2017

Great talk! I will definitely be checking out Paragraphs. I come from WordPress and am trying to get more proficient in Drupal and Paragraphs do similar functionality as ACF Flexible Content that I use constantly in WordPress. I wish there would have been a little bit more Drupal specific tips for Theming but you can only cover so much in 45 minutes. Great speakers, they were very in tuned to the audience and easy to follow along. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!