When first learning Drupal, you soon find out that you can't do much until you star adding modules to your site. There are many useful Modules for Drupal 7 and 8 but there are probably some that you did not even know existed. With the plethora of modules out there for Drupal, how do you know which ones are essential.

If you are an experienced Drupal user you will have your list of favorites but it can be overwhelming for a Drupal Newbie. While each Drupal project might have different needs, the goal should be to keep the site simple to use, quick to respond, well organized for SEO, and easy to manage with the right modules to get the job done.

We will touch on the most common and well know Drupal modules that everyone usually installs, but will focus on some of the more unknown but useful modules for Drupal that you might want to consider that will not only make your development easier and quicker but also help you once your site is up and running.


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Nick Landis at 13:40 on 4 Jun 2017

great job!