"As the container ecosystem matures, there is an increased need for new standards and runtime environments that take into consideration security and provenance concerns, driving the next generation of tools and recommended practices to build container images.

In this talk, you'll learn everything about Wolfi, a Linux ""undistro"" built for containers. We'll see why it was created and how it is maintained, using the Wolfi PHP package to demonstrate our open source apk build system."

What you'll learn from this talk:
This talk will give a high level overview of Wolfi telling the story behind it, why it was created, how it is maintained, telling my experience getting involved since the beginning, and building all their PHP packages.


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Bas at 21:31 on 14 Oct 2023

It is nice to see you're passionate about your job, but your presentation was a bit messy. It felt like this was the first time you did this talk. Maybe an extra practice round next time? I also found it sometimes hard to understand you due to your pronunciation.

The contents of the talk was good, but maybe some what too technical for people with little knowledge about Linux distro's.

Tim Hofman at 09:20 on 16 Oct 2023

If you have no - or little - knowledge about Linux distros, it was hard to follow. But I am not your target audience. For the more DevOps people it was probably a nice talk.