Generics in PHP. Many of us want them, but chances are very small we'll ever get them. In this talk, we'll explore the benefits of generics, what's possible in PHP today, and also the hurdles to overcome.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- The basic concept of generics
- Intro to static analysis
- Some insights into PHP's internals
- Ideas about how PHP could evolve in the future



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Agata Dr at 12:26 on 13 Oct 2023

interesting talk, polls were great addition

Brent Roose (Speaker) at 12:52 on 13 Oct 2023

Slide can be found here:

Bas at 20:40 on 14 Oct 2023

Great talk (as expected) You took some risk with the polls, but in the end it paid off.

Paul at 11:30 on 15 Oct 2023

Brent is Brent, Genial!

Tim Hofman at 09:53 on 16 Oct 2023

Great talk! Most talks contain multiple subjects and than it gets messy. There is too much information. Your talk contains a clear message and I really liked the repetition of the phrase "Generics aren’t coming" during your talk (so it is also a great title for your talk). You talk about the why and the possible solutions (which are suboptimal), but it is nice to know there are alternatives.

I like the speed of your talk, not too slow and not too fast. I like your pronunciation, you sound like a native English speaker. You're a nice speaker to listen to.