"Having worked with Gitflow for years, we have recently transitioned to a Trunk Based Development approach to accommodate the expanding needs of our product. During this session, we'll quickly go over the differences between both branching strategies before diving into why we switched. We'll then explore the steps we undertook to make the transition possible: We'll discuss how we restructured our software development lifecycle, the initiatives we set up to foster the adoption, how did we use Feature Flags to achieve Continuous Deployment, how Feature Environments and Non-Regression Tests upped our confidence in shipping to production every day, and finally we will share the mistakes we made along the way.

By the end of the presentation, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of Trunk Based Development helping you to decide whether it's appropriate for your engineering teams."

What you'll learn from this talk:
Like many organizations, our product began with a small team using a Gitflow strategy that gave us a high level of control. But as our team grew, our development speed started to slow down. We asked ourselves: why does it take so long to deliver a bug-free feature? Why are there often dependencies between team members? Why is it so difficult to rollback a broken release? Why hasn't lead time diminished despite adding more developers? Join us as we share our experience transitioning from Gitflow to Trunk-Based Development. We'll talk about the challenges we faced and how we eventually achieved success with this branching strategy.


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Bas at 20:35 on 14 Oct 2023

Useful information, nicely presented.

Paul at 11:29 on 15 Oct 2023

Very informative, and the tone of voice was accurate and professional

Tim Hofman at 09:24 on 16 Oct 2023

You had a clear message in your presentation and it was nice to hear your experience within your organization. Especially when the team grows, you want to stay away from the 'merge hell'.